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The Jesus Message

4-20-14 Messiah

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4-13-14 He Fled to Lachish

Do you want to run and hide from the past? Are you isolating yourself in the fortress of fear because of present pain? Many forsake hope and cage themselves in a stubborn shell of indifference and shame. God can bring you out. His name is a strong tower, a refuge to the desperate seeker. Find out in this Message why a King from the Old Testament, Amaziah, made a drastic mistake in obstinately pursuing his own will in war and life. Listen now...

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4-6-14 The Name of it was Called Marah

We all come to bitter places. But we don't have to identify them according to the circumstance. We can choose to filter failures through faith; to face the adverse with Divine vision; to name the moment according to our trust in His Sovereignty. The Children of Israel had only been removed from the miracle of the Red Sea for three days and they came to the bitter waters. Evidently, they had short term memory loss, for they discouragingly cried out to Moses. They should have identified the conflict as another opportunity for God to show himself; however, they labeled the moment based on their negative emotions and fear. Today, you can do it differently. You can decide to speak a word of faith...listen now.

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3-30-14 He Hardened His Heart

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3-23-14 The Shadows of the Evening are Stretched Out

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3-16-14 A New Identity

Are you tired of living in your own shadow? A place where you used to live, what you used to be; who people from your past still believe you to be? Becoming a new creation in Christ is more than a religious fairy tale. It is the Gospel reality.
When you get a new birth experience you get a new identity. Shadows of shame fade. Clouds of guilt clear. Destiny roadblocks are removed. Nicknames of defaming failures are erased. You are a new you. Listen now....

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3-9-14 The Fear of the Lord

When the fear of people transitions to the fear of God, God scatters the enemy to such a degree that there is no unity down to the dividing of two. At first your enemies will all agree against your truth and trust in God; but when you stop fearing them and God starts favoring you, there's nothing left for any of them to agree on. The Sword of the Spirit cuts it down so miniscule that Satan can find no one to run with; no one to agree with....Oh, for the fear of God. Listen now.... 

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3-2-14 The Four Rivers

The Euphrates River has a root word in it that means to break forth, similar to Gihon. But the entirety of the word and its etymology traces back to a Hebrew understanding of the Euphrates as being “sweet water” and became associated with fruitfulness.

We are living in a world with hurry sickness. How many accidents take place everyday due to speedy travel? How many relationships get unceremoniously destroyed because of a rush to judgment? We even stick God in a microwave oven and demand that He cook up a quick solution to the dilemmas of our lives. But to truly experience the love and power of God we have to slow down a bit, meditate on the good things of God, and step into the flow, in the sweet waters of His grace...Listen Now 

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2-23-14 From Barren to Bountiful

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2-16-14 Keep Digging

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